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I found a great story and I was thinking that its writer will not have any objections that I will share it with you! I fought it is very impressive. So, I think you will enjoy it!

Our hero's name is Sobora but 90% of the world know him as DJ Thailo. He is an Orlando resident and he graduated from the University of Central Florida. He left Montreal, Canada to move to the United States in 1996 to pursue the American Dream. The American Dream quickly turned into a health nightmare when he got sucked into eating fast food and stopped exercising. He “let himself go”. Within 13 years, he went from 140 lbs to 205 lbs.

He started a weight loss journey on his own more than 470 days ago by signing up to LA Fitness and using Facebook as a motivational too. He was then down to 160 lbs. He went from 27% body fat to 11%! He has lost 45 lbs since day 1 and his girlfriend has lost 30 lbs (145 lbs to 115 lbs) since day 1 of her own journey.

His mission is called Operation GQ, which is inspired by the magazine GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly). He wanted to turn his physical appearance into a GQ material. It started as a simple thing and has now become a lifestyle. It has motivated his family, friends, and co-workers to start a healthy lifestyle.
It consists of posting a blog every day on Facebook (Operation GQ day 1 and a picture of himself without a shirt every 100 days. By putting himself out there every 100 days, it kept him motivated. He found out that he always worked harder when he had a set deadline. He used the motivation, advices, to even the negative feedbacks as a way to keep himself going. He also believed that if you put yourself out there, there are no turning backs. Facebook is so great for all your family, friends, and co-workers to help you through it.


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He looked at the mirror and told himself: “I am sick of being fat and called ugly. I am sick to always be seen from women as a brother or a teddy bear. I am sick of being embarrassed at the beach. I am sick of not being able to run the way I used to. I am sick that I don’t look at my best. I am sick of looking overweight on every single pictures or videos I am in. I am sick of looking like Shrek!” Enough is ENOUGH!

Another source of motivation was that his father, who was an activist in the Cambodian community, died of stomach cancer at the age of 56. He was there through the whole process. Chemotherapy is nothing to play with. The way Sobora was living his life by not exercising, eating fast food, and lacking sleep; it would of been just a matter of time until it hits him as well. He decided to make a permanent change in his life. Operation GQ is the best thing that has ever happened to his health.

Well, we all know EXCUSES is the # 1 reason why people quit. So Sobora told himelf: “If my mom was diagnosed with CANCER, would I make excuses to not show up at the hospital week in and week out?” NO!
He also told himself: “If my child was kidnapped, would I give up on looking for him/her?” Absolutely NO!

It took a lot of hard work, diet, and time but it was all worth it! Today, he feels younger than ever at 30 years old. You can never change your date of birth but you can definitely change your image in front of the mirror.

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