10 Quick Weight Loss Tips

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Once upon a time the need to lose weight was completely unheard of. People ate well, but they worked a lot also. They woke up early in the morning and then worked physically all day long. As a result they could afford to eat almost anything they wanted in whatever quantities they wanted.
But that was ages ago. The world has changed so much since those days. Life styles have changed so much and the comforts and facilities have increased too. But every rose has its thorn. As a result of all these comforts and amenities the state of physical well being has really changed. Most of us have sedentary jobs that demand little or no exercise at all. To put it simply, things have become so damn easy. And just as can be expected, weight gain has become a major concern for almost every city dweller.
As you search the online world, you will remain amazed by all the “everyday” things you can do to lose 10 pounds or more.
So, below, we will offer you some tips for losing weight. There is a great number of these, we will give you just a few:

1. Don't cut out all the food you like. Enjoy occasional takeaways. Restrict yourself to just fruits and vegetables you would  give up very quickly. You can still eat your favourite foods if you 'tweak' them a bit: low fat cheese, low fat spread instead of butter, light mozzarella etc. Also the best thing is to get olive oil spray! 
2. Write everything down. Even bad days. It’s only if you write things down that you know what you are doing.
3. Find sticking a wedding invitation or holiday photograph of destinations youwant to visit in a prominent place in the kitchen. This is a bit more subtle than a fat photograph of yourself and reminds you when you are tempted.
4. Use scales in the kitchen - it's amazing how easy it is to deceive oneself!  
5. It is a good idea to buy some new clothes when you are down a size or two. That way, you are reminded of what you have achieved and not to go back to old sizes. Chuck out the old stuff or give it away.
6. Life is too short so build in treats! Yourweight loss is nice and slow but do not feel like you are on a diet or that you are depriving yourself of anything.
7. Be honest with yourself! If you go over the required cals, but keep a record, it's the average calorie intake that matters
8. Exercising is the key to success with sustained weight loss. Try to vary your routine, including the cross trainer and walking regularly, and cycling and swimming occasionally.
9.  Always measure alcohol consumed at home carefully, as it is easy to fool yourself.                                                  10. Don’t ever give up! You are going to get bad days/weeks; it happens! Just get straight back on it and limit the damage.

Either you are tryingto lose a few or a lot of kilos or you know that you should fit in a certain dress with an occasion do not forget that there are lots of tips to follow if you want to lose weight but , please, keep in mind that the key to successful weight loss depends on you!!!
Choose the best weight loss tips that suit you and your lifestyle!

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